What is Java Fine Print?
Java Fine Print is a Design by Contract (DbC) tool for including invariants, preconditions, and postconditions using Java 5 annotations. It is intended to be a simple mechanism requiring only the Java Fine Print jar, log4J jar, and the Java 5 Development Kit (or later) to implement Design by Contract in Java code. Java Fine Print is Free Open Source Software released under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.

Why did I write Java Fine Print?
I was looking for a DbC tool for Java development and didn't find anything that fit my specific needs. I was wondering how hard it would be to implement something with the feature set I was hoping to find in a DbC tool. Over the next couple weeks (after the kids were in bed) I hacked out Java Fine Print. I was satisfied that it worked as I wanted and decided to release it to the public in case there was someone else out there who was looking for a similar feature set as me. I'm not saying that other DbC tools for Java aren't good, just that they didn't fit my idea of what a DbC tool should be.

How can you get involved, request features, etc?
I welcome others opinions, gripes, bug reports, and contributions. The best way to make contact is to use the sourceforge forums or to e-mail me [jdblack at users dot sourceforge dot net].